UTD/DIR/Hogarthian style Side Mount Harness with one piece 2" nylon webbing stainless-steel D-Rings and tri-glide stoppers for the right and left shoulders, hips, front waist and butt area.


Freedom of Movement

The Z-Harness allows you to have full range of motion in your back. It also moves the weight of the tanks from your back, to your sides. The Z-Harness allows for quick removal of your tanks through the cord system that holds the tanks.

Streamline Diving

Keep all your hoses, tanks, and accessories as close to your body with the Z-Harness's D-Ring and tie down system. Every piece of this system is adjustable, so it can be configured to fit you perfectly.


  • One size fits all
  • Made of 316 Stainless Steel Plates, 2" nylon webbing, stainless-steel D-rings and tri-glide stoppers.
  • Designed for Side-mount Diving.
  • Freedom of movement while Diving.
  • Scalable; Can hold one to ten tanks
  • Easy water entry, attach your tanks after you enter the water


Make sure you know the ins and outs of all your UTD Equipment.
Learn how to setup, maintain, and configure your Z-Harness.


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Made in USA

The Z-Harness be used with these Systems